SHL Passes on Plastic!


Read how SHL has eliminated 50,000 single-use plastic bags & bottles from their supply chain!

A Basic Guide to Chimney Cowls!


This is a blog post describing the basic 9 types of chimney cowls available on the Irish and British markets today. It also describes the three most popular materials used to construct chimney cowls.

The 2 Most Popular Chimney Cowls


This blog describes the 2 most popular chimney cowls available on the market today.

8 Tips for Your Chimney This Winter


8 Tips for your chimney this winter. 

Why You Should Insulate Your Chimney Flue!


Why insulate a flue? Insulating your masonry chimney – is it worth it?

New & Improved Terracotta Spinner Chimney Cowl | ExtraLift Technology Explained


New & improved Terracotta spinner cowl with ExtraLift Technology Explained

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