SHL Passes on Plastic!

The planet and our oceans are being swamped by single-use plastics, of which the majority consists of plastic bottles and bags.

The owners of SHL care deeply about planetary welfare and have been examining ways in which the company can exert positive change in an Irish and international environmental context.

Plastic Bottle Facts:

* 563 billion single use plastic bottles are used annually.
* 17 million barrels of oil are used to produce bottled water annually.
* Only 1 in 5 bottles are recycled, the remainder are dumped either on land or in the ocean.

In 2018, we installed a water filtration system in company headquarters at a cost of only €200. This meant that our staff and visitors would no longer have to purchase bottled water (as the tap water supplied to our premises is not potable).
This has resulted in two savings; we are no longer spending money on bottled water and we no longer recycle or dispose of dozens of plastic bottles weekly nor are they manufactured at source.

Plastic Bag Facts:

* 500 billion single-use plastic bags are used annually.
* It costs $4000 to recycle a ton of plastic bags but this can only be sold for $32 on the commodities market.
* 6.4m tons of plastic bags are dumped in the oceans every year.

In 2018, we stopped using plastic bags in our packaging. Up until early 2018 we wrapped every newly produced chimney cowl and terminal in a plastic bag before placing it in its retail packaging. From summer 2018 onwards, SHL chimney cowl stock has been manufactured and supplied without single-use plastic bags. We estimate this has removed over 50,000 plastic bags annually from our supply chain and the environment as a result.

We are asking you to join us in making our country, our planet, a greener place to live. We ask you to reduce that amount of plastic you use.

There are many simple ways you can elicit change. For example, when one shops in the supermarket, one can refuse to buy fruit and veg that is wrapped in plastic or placed in a plastic bag, instead, buy your items loose.

SHL has created a sub division of the company called Mako56. This sub division is inspired by travel and ecological principals and donates a substantial percentage of turnover to ocean perservation in Ireland. 

In 2019, we exceeded the 2018 figure and eliminated more than 55,000 plastic bags and bottles. We aim to increase this figure every year.

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