The 2 Most Popular Chimney Cowls

There are many chimney cowls available for purchase and a significant number of manufacturers on the Irish and UK markets.

If one analyses the type and quantity of chimney cowl products available, it is clear which are the most popular, and the materials used to produce them.

The most popular chimney cowl on the market today is one that prevents rain (and birds) from entering the chimney. In the UK, such chimney cowls are called Bird Guards and in Ireland, they are called Anti Bird / Anti Rain chimney cowls. These chimney cowls are most popular for two reasons; the wet weather we experience in Ireland and the UK -rain is almost a daily occurrence and it is not uncommon to experience four seasons in just one day! The second reason being their price - these chimney cowls are very keenly priced.

The second most popular chimney cowl on the market today is one which prevents a downdraught – where the wind forces the fumes and / or smoke back down the chimney. Anti downdraught chimney cowls are either stationary with no moving parts or a revolving chimney cowl that turns with the wind. Anti downdraught chimney cowls are very popular because of the changeable wind patterns in Britain and Ireland – we get strong North Atlantic weather systems affecting us all year round meaning downdraught problems are very prevalent. 

The first image above is that of a Spinner and the second picture is that of a static anti downdraught chimney cowl. To read about our range of chimney cowsl and chimney cowl accessories, please click here.

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